Monday, 3 May 2010

Tamsin Egerton

For my latest post I wanted to talk about an English actress and model, Tamsin Egerton.

She starred in St. Trinian's II as Chelsea Parker in 2007, and as Holly Goodfellow in Keeping Mum. She's also due to star in the movie which is going to be released in the UK on June 2nd.

I have never seen anyone so beautiful, really, I never have! To me she is simply stunning. (But that is just my humble opinion).

Most importantly, I want to talk about her style.

Tamsin Egerton says she doesn't really know what her style is, but she describes it as
"very classic with a weird, funky, rock-chick twist."

I love the trench coat she's wearing here, by Burberry.
  • Tamsin Egerton

Here she is on the red carpet at London Fashion Week in February.
Tamsin Egerton

At the Red Carpet Fashion Awards she wore a one-shouldered jersey dress by Alexander Wang. I think this colour looks great on her! It's so flattering.

When my leg's better I'll get hold of my scanner and camera and upload some more pictures of her casual daywear.

I hope you enjoyed my little post about someone different!

Much love,

Emma x x x


  1. Wow, she is ridiculously beautiful!


  2. Oh my Gosh!
    Hooooow pretty is she?! :O
    I seriously L.O.V.E. that Alexander Wang dress.....siiiiiiiiiigh :D
    Couldn't pull it off like that though, pfft.
    That's it. I'm googling her for more pics lol

  3. she's gorgeous!
    loove her style!

    nice blog!!

    i now follow you so feel free to follow me =]

  4. Thanks for the blog comments,
    Nice blog!
    Love her style its awsome!

    Lots of love,
    Becca @ Fashion Train