Thursday, 29 April 2010


Now I've never really given loungewear much thought before, but since I sprained my ankle a couple of days ago...

(aaaaw, sad I know)


I've been struggling for what to wear. My leggings and jeans (I only own skinny and straight leg) are too tight to get round my ankle, and so I've been stuck wearing joggers and feeling less than glamorous.

So naturally, I've been on La Senza's website and looking at what they have to offer. I'm after something very casual (because I'm going nowhere at the moment!) On the other hand, I don't want to feel like I've just got out of bed all day, so I don't want anything too pyjamas-y.

And here are some of my finds:

Much love,
Emma xxx


  1. J'adore Paris.
    Erm...yeah can't remember any other French that works here, oops :/
    Anyway, its a very good point, im sure lots of other people have been in the same situation, but it doesn't get given much thought.
    Very original idea,

  2. i love the Eiffel Tower pajamas.. too cute!!

    Anna Katrina