Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sinceis giving ALL of its readers 25% off atthis month, I've been browsing and making the most of the opportunity!

Here are some of my finds:

Culture Sketch print tunic, £24.75!

Yumi short sleeved embellished neck tunic, £40.50

I LOVE this one in particular:

Floaty ruffle dress, £21
(not to mention it's even the cheapest one I found!) Lovely lovely lovely

And isnt this skirt pretty and unique?

AX Paris Petal Skirt Dress £26.25

And this dress is GORGEOUS for a hot date or night out when you want to catch the eye of someone in particular... or if you just want attention in general.

(Which admittedly, I usually do.) Shhhhh...

AX Paris Backless Lace dress, £22.50

Now isn't this Beautiful?


No matter what it takes, I WILL buy this dress. And I will blog about it when I do. You have my word.

Much love,



  1. Really love that red dress. Sooo want you to get it. Pics soon please :D
    Really like the pink petal skirt too

  2. That is a gorgeous dress. Hope you get it xxx

  3. love thee dress emmaaa xxxxx