Monday, 12 April 2010

My excitement and anticipation

I am so excited about meeting Ollie at the train station early tomorrow, because we haven't seen each other in two weeks.

Which is a very long time for us!

So of course I've taken a while to plan my outfit so I look as beautiful as possible when he sees me.

Fun times.
I've also painted my nails in Hot Pink from the No7 Stay Perfect range!

My nails are so bright!

So here's my outfit:

I've chosen to wear a new top I bought last week in the Republic Sale! There were loads of them left and I can't think why because to me it's gorgeous.

With this outfit, I can't decide whether it's better to wear the top in or out. I'll have to decide tomorrow.

I've also chosen to wear blue skinny jeans from Topshop.
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And my lovely heels, also from Top Shop.

Also wearing: Belt: Next, Bag: Kipling, Denim Jacket: Republic (years ago)

I am so excited for tomorrow!

Much love,




  1. Ahhh :D
    Im sure you'll look stunning, as per.
    Guess you'll be busy for a while, so talk sooooon

  2. great shoes, indeed.