Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fashion Train's Competition to Win £25 Miss Selfridge Voucher!

Oh yes, I do like raving about Becca's blog.

She told me about another competition she is hosting!

I entered here: - What's your fashion style?

And my result was this!

My Fashion Style is Grunge
Created by Grab Voucher Codes

Now, I won't lie, I was very surprised by this result! But I spoke to Becca about it, and the conversation went something like this:


Apparently my style is grunge :/


Ahahaa :P

Gothic :P



That's so wrong


You like leather jackets


I'm not a goth!


Black leggings :P


Ooh yes


And metallics?


Well that's true


Like Jenny from Gossip Girl

Naturally I googled 'Jenny from Gossip Girl':


Taylor Momsen! How could I forget? Lovely Lovely Lovely.

Grunge is good.

Aah yes. Now I'm happy. Becca made my day.


Much love,

Emma xoxox

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Fashion Train's Awesome Competition with!

So my friend Becca is hosting a great competition on her blog Fashion Train.
(You should all follow her and enter this competition! It's the shizzle)

Isn't she pretty?

This is the title of the competition:
"If you were invited on a first date to meet at a wine bar (?) with someone delicious what would you choose to wear to enchant him/her with your sense of style and occasion? Spend no more than £100 on an outfit and accessories from the stylecompare website and send me your choices via email or blog commenting on this post".
And this is my entry!
Chosen: Dorothy Perkins Flower Headband £6, Quontum Velvet Strap Dress £32, Dorothy Perkins Black Sheer Heart Tights £12, Schuh Tie Back Ankle Boots £20, Miso Heart Box Bag £19.99, Red Herring Black Crop Cardigan £12, ASOS carved rose ring £5, Miss Selfridge red love heart stud earrings £4 = 110.99*0.9(student discount!) = £99.89

Aah, I love this outfit.

...And with student discount I can get all this for under £100, at £99.89!

I would say please vote for me but Becca picks the winner herself. So wish me luck!

Much love,

Emma xoxox

Sunday, 21 March 2010

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Much love,

Emma xoxox

Rainy Day

I woke up yesterday and thought


when I looked out of my wind0w. It was such a rainy and depressing day, and I had already planned to go out to Trentham Gardens and meet people...

Oooh Nooooo.

But, determined for my appearance not to be ruined by icky icky rain, I made an outfit to match my beige waterproof coat, which, admittedly, I tend to avoid wearing.

In fact, I believe the last time I wore it was bonfire night in November!

No I didn't really wear these GORGEOUS shoes from Topshop, although I very much wanted to. Western boots by Faith are much more suited to icky weather...

Wearing: Trilby hat:Primark. Shoes: Topshop. Boots: Faith. Tights: New Look. Scarf: Monsoon. Long sleeved T-shirt: New Look, Organic. Dress: Miss Selfridge. Bag: Primark. Coat: Olympus.

And here, an extra one just for fun, with a cream Trilby hat...
You've been hit by, a Smooth Criminal.

And that wasn't really my intention at the time!

Happy Experimenting!

Much love,

Emma xox

Just fashion

Wow! It's been a bit tricky getting these photos up and ready! But
a lovely sunny day
mean lots of lovely photos taken outside. So here we go:

(Squinting against the sun a bit)...

Here I am sporting my new Floral Print skirt, just £4 from Primark! The last few days I've been experimenting with ways to wear a black blazer. I've spotted lots of pictures of Olivia Palermo recently wearing one, so I dug out my old school blazer and changed the buttons on it.

(I prefer these lovely grey ankle boots from Lotus with this outfit, as above, but I swopped and changed with the black ones from Schuh)

Aaah. I really like this picture.

Wearing: Grey Boots-Lotus. Black boots:Schuh. Bag: Primark. T-shirt: Sainsbury's Basics! Necklace: Valentine's Present from Ollie <3 Blazer: Next

Much love,

Emma xox

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Experimenting with a New Outfit Inspired by TOPSHOP

I was idly flicking through the April edition of GLAMOUR when I was inspired by this:

I really like this outfit and I began wondering how I could recreate it.

Luckily I have jeans & a denim shirt very similar to the ones pictured above, but for the canvas belt and t-shirt I had a little help from Ollie (my gorgeous boyfriend).

I had so much fun putting this outfit together!

This is my attempt to create a similar pose to the original photo:

Belt:TOPMAN. Jacket:Red Herring. Denim-effect shirt:New Look. T-shirt:ProjektsNYC. Jeans: Bay. Shoes: Firetrap.

Thank you to my friends Becky & Ruki who helped with my photoshoot, and also to Ollie who helped with the photoshopping.

Much love,

Emma x o x o x

Monday, 15 March 2010

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo

Over the weekend (which was really good by the way) I had the same compliment from two different people at totally different times:

'I really like your hair colour!'
Thing is, I havn't had my roots done since December, so that makes that...about three months? What I use to keep it lovely is this:

I'm not one of those really excitable people when it comes to new beauty products. I'm such a pessimistic, I'll watch the adverts and go
'Hmm yeah, doubt it...'

But this weekend wasn't the only time people have complimented me on my colour. This little bottle of miracle solution costs £5.49 and the only place I know where to get it is Boots, but it's worth EVERY penny. (Even me, the poor student, tries my best to buy this stuff every so often to replace the old empty bottle.)

I would reaaally recommend it to any blonde that wants to keep her colour perfect over time!

Much love,

Emma xox

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Okay, so it's not festival season any more, and of course Spring's on the way... But that doesn't stop some of us going on retreat weekends to sunny Wales.

(and by some of us, I mean moi)

I'm leaving tomorrow, and I'm a bit nervous because I'm going with a bunch of people I don't know. So, on that theme, I've been checking these out:

WELLIBOB  Womens printed wellibob
Sexy Wellibobs. The ones in this post are by Joules, I spotted them in Joules's 'Catazine' which popped through my letterbox the other week.

I know it's a bit cliched to go on about funky wellies - I noticed they were done to death all over the summer in most of the fashion magazines. But I think wellibobs are that little bit more special because they're not as clompy and beastly as your average welly.

Don't you think?
JNR WELLIBOB  Girls Wellibob

Hmm...Only now I don't exactly want to go traipsing through muddy puddles.

WELLIBOB  Womens printed wellibob

You can find all these here: WELLIBOBS by Joules

I'd like to get these just so I can say to people 'Hey, check these out, they're my new Wellibobs!'

Such a good word.

Much love,

Emma xoxoxox

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Yumi Dresses

Yep, more dresses!

Aaah dresses

This post is inspired by my friend Millie, whom I spotted recently wearing a Yumi dress from a collection two years back.
LOVE these:Aah wow. These photos make me happy :)

And guess where you can get them?...

ASOS. No surprises there.


I just found out a few of these are in Clearance at:

Now I'm so content. Aaaaah....Dilemmas...
New dress or Mother's Day present?..


Aah well. Can't have it all I guess.


Much love,


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Barbara Daly Make-up

Whoever said make-up from Supermarkets is poo?

Actually, I beg to differ...

Barbara Daly designs only for Tesco, and her cosmetics are so high quality, you'd never guess. In fact, her make-up is so awesome, she even had an article printed in Vogue, March 2008.
Here's the proof:

I'm a big fan of her foundation, because it glides on like a dream and doesn't give the whole cheap barbie doll effect.
See, the bottle's pretty classy isn't it? Take my word for it...I don't buy cheap rubbish. (I can be known as a bit of a snob about some things...but shhhh) It's oil free too, so it doesn't block pores. Winnerrrr

Much love,



ps: Notice my sexy foundation-coloured font? Highly appropriate isn't it? Sexyness all over I'm telling you

x o x o x

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Isn't that a catchy name for a new range at ASOS? Their new dress code for evening and parties is all about
Tribal meets disco

These new metallic prints sculpt the silhouette so if you're after something to really show off your figure, take a look
And, you may have noticed, my obsession with leopard print is still going strong. I LOVE the satin print dress above, particularly with the statement bolts necklace stylist Zeba Lowe teamed it with.

Here are some more:

Now I might be wrong, but I sniff a whole Egyptian theme going on with these... Don't you think?

ASOS calls them
Tribal Embellished Shift Dresses

which suggests more American-Indian than Egyptian. (So I'll take their word for it)

If you're interested, I'm sure you know the link by now! But here it is again...

Happy Shopping!

Much love,

Emma xox