Thursday, 11 March 2010


Okay, so it's not festival season any more, and of course Spring's on the way... But that doesn't stop some of us going on retreat weekends to sunny Wales.

(and by some of us, I mean moi)

I'm leaving tomorrow, and I'm a bit nervous because I'm going with a bunch of people I don't know. So, on that theme, I've been checking these out:

WELLIBOB  Womens printed wellibob
Sexy Wellibobs. The ones in this post are by Joules, I spotted them in Joules's 'Catazine' which popped through my letterbox the other week.

I know it's a bit cliched to go on about funky wellies - I noticed they were done to death all over the summer in most of the fashion magazines. But I think wellibobs are that little bit more special because they're not as clompy and beastly as your average welly.

Don't you think?
JNR WELLIBOB  Girls Wellibob

Hmm...Only now I don't exactly want to go traipsing through muddy puddles.

WELLIBOB  Womens printed wellibob

You can find all these here: WELLIBOBS by Joules

I'd like to get these just so I can say to people 'Hey, check these out, they're my new Wellibobs!'

Such a good word.

Much love,

Emma xoxoxox

1 comment:

  1. Wow, love the second pair, so pretty!!
    May have to convince mum to get these instead of wellies, as she keeps ionsisting she wants :/ Haha
    Have fuuuuun, even if you haven't got the Wellibobs :D
    Much Love xxx