Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Barbara Daly Make-up

Whoever said make-up from Supermarkets is poo?

Actually, I beg to differ...

Barbara Daly designs only for Tesco, and her cosmetics are so high quality, you'd never guess. In fact, her make-up is so awesome, she even had an article printed in Vogue, March 2008.
Here's the proof:

I'm a big fan of her foundation, because it glides on like a dream and doesn't give the whole cheap barbie doll effect.
See, the bottle's pretty classy isn't it? Take my word for it...I don't buy cheap rubbish. (I can be known as a bit of a snob about some things...but shhhh) It's oil free too, so it doesn't block pores. Winnerrrr

Much love,



ps: Notice my sexy foundation-coloured font? Highly appropriate isn't it? Sexyness all over I'm telling you

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  1. Very interesting :D
    Shall have to remember this when it's time for me to get some more
    Much love, xxx