Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Experimenting with a New Outfit Inspired by TOPSHOP

I was idly flicking through the April edition of GLAMOUR when I was inspired by this:

I really like this outfit and I began wondering how I could recreate it.

Luckily I have jeans & a denim shirt very similar to the ones pictured above, but for the canvas belt and t-shirt I had a little help from Ollie (my gorgeous boyfriend).

I had so much fun putting this outfit together!

This is my attempt to create a similar pose to the original photo:

Belt:TOPMAN. Jacket:Red Herring. Denim-effect shirt:New Look. T-shirt:ProjektsNYC. Jeans: Bay. Shoes: Firetrap.

Thank you to my friends Becky & Ruki who helped with my photoshoot, and also to Ollie who helped with the photoshopping.

Much love,

Emma x o x o x


  1. Sigh, sexiful as Always Em.
    Really does look like the Topshop photo :D Thanks to a littttttle angle help from moi hehehe.

    Love the new look of the site. You and Ollie are getting it looking realllllly good between you :D

    Loves xxx