Monday, 31 May 2010

Something I am very keen to try

I know this post isn't exactly glamourous, but I'm trying to be realistic here!

Cellulite has never bothered me before but for some reason, it does now. So I've been browsing around trying to find ways to combat it.

Cellulite is notorious for being hard to get rid of and I've heard all sorts of ways to try, body brushing and anti-cellulite creams being the main two.

I've been trying to drink three pints of water a day too to reduce toxins and keep me hydrated.

The main product that really got my attention is this:

Sanctuary Spa Results Cellulite Massager, £7.99 from Boots.

It's for massaging areas of the body with cellulite to boost circulation and reduce the orange-peel effect.

Unfortunately, there are no reviews of this on the Boots website. But I'm going to give it ago and write the first review myself!

Fingers crossed it might actually make a bit of difference in time for bikini parades.

Much love,


x x x

Friday, 28 May 2010

She mentioned me :')

I just had to share this with my readers because it just made me so happy!

This is the link to OVERTLY GRAND, a blog by a blogger called Sahara Patel. Her latest post is about her interview with Becca from

(whom, you must surely know by now, I am a huge fan of).

In her interview, Becca says she likes my blog!

So check it out!

Ahaa, I must be doing something right.

Much love,


x x x

Tanning Solutions

Like a true blogger, I've chosen to write this post as a review for some self-tanning products I've been trying out.

Now I'm starting to wear some of my Lovely Summer Dresses, I've been preparing to Bare The Flesh. This is a product I've always sworn by:

It's St. Tropez's Self Tanning Lotion, available at Boots for £30 (at the moment it's on offer at £27). I know it's a little pricey, but it's soooo worth it. For me, this product is a true

I've had mine for three years now and you only need such teeny tiny amounts when applying it; my bottle is well over half full. Seriously, a pea sized amount will easily cover an entire calf.

I apply it by beginning with clean, exfoliated skin. Moisturise and apply a small amount of St. Tropez for a natural looking tan.

If you can't fork out quite so much, then my mum has recently made a discovery.

This is St. Moritz's Tanning Mousse. It's RRP is £9.99 but you can get it for around £3.99 in a lot of bargain stores around the UK, or online. I have to say for its price it's pretty decent. I'd give it

My mum's Beautician suggested applying this product in the morning on exfoliated and moisturised skin, allowing to dry throughout the day and applying another layer of moisturiser on top before bed, and rinsing in the morning.

However I did this, and it went very slightly patchy around my feet and knees after showering so I ended up applying another thin layer of tan this morning to fix it (I don't have a good exfoliator with me or I would have been tempted to start again).

If you want a quick fix, St. Moritz is a slightly thicker substance than St. Tropez and actually has quicker results - it browns a lot faster and again, a little goes a long way. St. Tropez is more effective if you want to build up your tan over two or three days and I have to say, having a little more patience pays off because it's much better quality and has no streaks at all, even after showering.

Much love,


x x x

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Blue shoes

I've always been in LOVE with the colour Royal Blue, so I was very pleased to learn it is THE Colour for shoes this summer.

I've been scouting around, and here are my best finds.

First up, strappy blue clogs. Three trends in one sassy pair of shoes...

One of my Style Classics! Ballet pumps are always in fashion.

Sandals are perfect for flaunting tanned tootsies.
also give you an opportunity to show the world your knack for DIY pedicures ;)

And aren't these pretty? You can find them at New Look for just £20.
They'd look great with long denim shorts.

But please, please wear with trainer socks.

Enclosed shoes + Bare feet + Summer Heat = You know what.



I hope you enjoyed my mini celebration of pretty pretty Blueness.

Much love,


x x x

Friday, 21 May 2010

Summer fashion...with COLOUR!

Some of my UK readers will know just how hot it's been here in England today.


And the weather man told me it's only going to get better this week...


So naturally I've been thinking about my summer wardrobe. Earlier I started digging out my favourite items from last season.

And I'm very, very lucky to be able to say...

I have some Jazzy Harem Pants! I bought them from Quartiera Market in Portugal's Algarve but wasn't brave enough to wear them when I returned to England. This year, I'm going to be daring! Take a look at these beauties...

My favourite summer colours! Green, pink, orange, yellow, blue...

A close up of the detailing on the waist...

I'll be turning heads in these!

I also have a really pretty scarf and beach bag to match.

First, here's the scarf.

Look how pretty it is.

I wore it whilst on holiday last year in Sunny Portugal when the sun was reeaally hot, so I didn't burn. How to keep sun-safe in style!

And here's the beach bag. I don't wear the scarf & bag together, the attention should be draw to one of them, not both at the same time!

I have to confess... I have no idea where they're from. I bought them at a Boutique store somewhere about three years ago, and there isn't a label on either item...

One thing's for sure though, there won't be many other people out there with these items this season.

How exciting!

I hope you all of you have something unique and beautiful too! If not, make it your priority to find something special this summer.

Happy Holidays!

Much love,


x x x

Monday, 17 May 2010

I Want To Be A Style Classic

It's something I wrote about in my Fashion Journal last week.

Since I've recently got myself a job, I've been thinking less about how I can save money and more about how I can spend it.

So I've been looking through magazines such as GLAMOUR, Marie Claire and Instyle, thinking

Hmmmmmm. Wouldn't it be nice, instead of buying cheapy outfits on a whim that will last one season, to spend more money on quality, classic pieces that will stay in fashion for years, and won't look worn out after long?

To me, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Now don't get me wrong, I still like a bargain. Very much so. I'm not suggesting I'm going to go on a spree and blow hundreds of pounds. This will be more of a gradual process.

I'm just a part-time waitress, you know. I'm not loaded.

So I've been browsing around for items of clothing with these criteria:

1. Versatile - to be worn with LOTS of different items, all seasons
2. Preferably within the region of £30-£50
3. Durability, lasting years and years
4. Classic. Always in fashion.

Picky and tricky, you might think?

Oh no, definitely not. You'll be amazed at what I found! I hope this impresses you.


Looking at these pictures I'm quite pleased. Here are just a few examples, but I hope I've proved how easy it is to be a Style Classic!

I'd bet that in ten years time, these items will be just as fashionable as they are now.

Much love,


x x x

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Crop Top Trouble

This has to be my most difficult post yet!
Crop tops. I've bought a couple from Topshop recently and they've been sitting in my cupboard all week because I just can't think of an interesting way to wear them.

Because it's not strictly summer yet, I don't think I'll be warm enough or tanned enough to show off my tummy for a little while.

So I'm thinking... layering? Wear something, anything, underneath, on top...who knows!

I certainly don't, I'm stuck.

My first port of call: Ask Becca from Fashion Train! She knows everything about everything about fashion. But she hasn't answered me on Facebook :(

So I was looking at magazines and browsing the Internet, when I came across a fellow fashion blogger!

My Photo

Anggi Anggarini... she writes a blog called Mystery Cheap. She wrote a post on Crop Tops in May 2009, telling her readers about the 8 different ways she found she could wear them.

Click here to see the post!

So this post is a year old, but it's totally applicable to today's Crop Top fest.

After reading this, I was inspired to put my own outfits together and do my favourite thing... Experiment!

This is my favourite :) Thinking of wearing this ensemble tomorrow.

Clashing patterns. But is it a bit TOO clashy? Hmm, this one is dangerous. I'm very unsure, but I kept it up for interest. Maybe with a blue or grey under t-shirt for the crop? Tread very carefully. I'll ask Becca...

Now this one is also interesting. Jeans and a sequinned waistcoat.

After another fun evening of mixing and matching, I hope I've inspired you to carry out your own fashion experiments!


Much love,


x x x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I've started a fashion Journal!

When I've finished with my magazines I never want to keep the entire thing, because

1. I don't have anywhere to keep them
2. I don't really want most magazines anyway, I just want bits and pieces from them.

I've always loved cutting and sticking, and since I finished my art A-level, I've felt a part of my life has gone missing.

Occasionally I find little snippets and stick them onto card, or bluetak them on the wall.

And then I had a revelation! Buy a journal, and stick my favourite bits in there.

So the last couple of days, that's what I've been doing:

Here we go. I said I'd upload some pictures of Tamsin Egerton's casual daywear!

Some lovely dresses...

Denim shorts! I want some.

And new trends! Slouchy, baggy boyish clothes. I'm not convinced this style is flattering on my figure though.

Won't it be great to look back over these pages in the future and see how things have changed?

Much love,


x x x

Thursday, 6 May 2010

A|Wear Student Lock-In

Tonight I went to the Student Lock-In at A|wear. I had a really good time!

Even though I can't walk yet, that didn't stop me. I had my mum hire out a wheelchair just for the occasion. My best friend Danielle was really good and pushed me around!

This is the stamp I had to show my VIP status :P

Because I was one of the first people to sign up as a guest I got on the VIP list, which entitled me to a goody bag including cosmetics such as make-up and fake tan - for free!

I got:
A GOSH make-up bag, a little purse with a ladybird on, two flavoured lipbalms from Cupcake (strawberry and caramel), a mini pot of Nivea Creme, a funky pen, and Solait 'wash-off' fake tan for face and body.

Not bad for freebies are they?

Now I'm not going to lie, A|Wear has never exactly been my first choice for clothes but I was still very keen to go along to this event, not least because it sounded so much fun! Today, I was on a hunt for accessories.

So of course I took advantage of the offer (30% off!) and bought various pieces of jewellry for the summer.

First of all, I bought a pendant necklace with other little trinkets. It hangs really nicely :)

...some shiny black stud earrings. These are great for work. I'm always losing earrings!

...some fabulous red sunglasses

...and a long silvery necklace, with white and clear beads all the way round.

All this cost me just over £18!

I'm so glad I went tonight, despite the calamity of taking a wheelchair to such a busy place. It was definitely worth it, and I'm sure to enjoy it even more next year when I can walk again!

Much love,


x x x

Monday, 3 May 2010

Tamsin Egerton

For my latest post I wanted to talk about an English actress and model, Tamsin Egerton.

She starred in St. Trinian's II as Chelsea Parker in 2007, and as Holly Goodfellow in Keeping Mum. She's also due to star in the movie which is going to be released in the UK on June 2nd.

I have never seen anyone so beautiful, really, I never have! To me she is simply stunning. (But that is just my humble opinion).

Most importantly, I want to talk about her style.

Tamsin Egerton says she doesn't really know what her style is, but she describes it as
"very classic with a weird, funky, rock-chick twist."

I love the trench coat she's wearing here, by Burberry.
  • Tamsin Egerton

Here she is on the red carpet at London Fashion Week in February.
Tamsin Egerton

At the Red Carpet Fashion Awards she wore a one-shouldered jersey dress by Alexander Wang. I think this colour looks great on her! It's so flattering.

When my leg's better I'll get hold of my scanner and camera and upload some more pictures of her casual daywear.

I hope you enjoyed my little post about someone different!

Much love,

Emma x x x