Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Blue shoes

I've always been in LOVE with the colour Royal Blue, so I was very pleased to learn it is THE Colour for shoes this summer.

I've been scouting around, and here are my best finds.

First up, strappy blue clogs. Three trends in one sassy pair of shoes...

One of my Style Classics! Ballet pumps are always in fashion.

Sandals are perfect for flaunting tanned tootsies.
also give you an opportunity to show the world your knack for DIY pedicures ;)

And aren't these pretty? You can find them at New Look for just £20.
They'd look great with long denim shorts.

But please, please wear with trainer socks.

Enclosed shoes + Bare feet + Summer Heat = You know what.



I hope you enjoyed my mini celebration of pretty pretty Blueness.

Much love,


x x x


  1. love the clogs and the high tops
    they're simply amazing!!
    royal blue is such a beautiful color. (it's one of my favs) :D
    cute blog!!


  2. oh no, I've been maintaining that I think clogs are the worst thing to happen to shoes since moon boots and now I kind of what those blue clogs.
    I'm so conflicted :( haha

  3. Those shoes are really nice..Thanks for stopping by my blog..and as about the quote its true its kind of depressing , budget is really the biggest obstacle to travelling. I experienced it myself with my boyfriend, we are on a student budget and the only travels we do with our money are back pack excursion in the nearby countryside..But you are totally right! :)

  4. i loooove royal blue! whether it's in trend or not, i always fall for everything in this color, especially shoes. slurrrp!
    btw thanks for stopping by my blog! i'm such a bad blogger, i just have the time to visit yours back! :(
    anyway, i'll put yours in my blog list if you don't mind.. :)