Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I've started a fashion Journal!

When I've finished with my magazines I never want to keep the entire thing, because

1. I don't have anywhere to keep them
2. I don't really want most magazines anyway, I just want bits and pieces from them.

I've always loved cutting and sticking, and since I finished my art A-level, I've felt a part of my life has gone missing.

Occasionally I find little snippets and stick them onto card, or bluetak them on the wall.

And then I had a revelation! Buy a journal, and stick my favourite bits in there.

So the last couple of days, that's what I've been doing:

Here we go. I said I'd upload some pictures of Tamsin Egerton's casual daywear!

Some lovely dresses...

Denim shorts! I want some.

And new trends! Slouchy, baggy boyish clothes. I'm not convinced this style is flattering on my figure though.

Won't it be great to look back over these pages in the future and see how things have changed?

Much love,


x x x


  1. ooooh very creative!
    i love it!


  2. Ohhhhh, i like.
    Veryyy good idea :D
    I have just one question? How old is the magazine(s) that you've cut up? As i <3 <3 <3 one of the dresses on the double spread underneath the one on Tamsin Egerton.
    Its the right hand page, top right. Mmmmmmm :)

  3. It's the May edition of GLAMOUR, Becky :)

    And lucky for you I had two copies of that one so I can bring the spare one up for you :)

    Emma x x x

  4. loving this post emmmaaaa :)

  5. Best thing to do with magazines! I have stacks of old magazines because I'm always too attached to let them go.

  6. Hi Emma,
    I'm Nancy a co-web of Tamsin Egerton Web.
    We're always looking for new pictures of her and I was wondering if you have more about Tamsin's ASOS spread.
    If you wish to share, you can always mail @ miss_mahadeva@yahoo.Com
    Thanks so much!