Friday, 21 May 2010

Summer fashion...with COLOUR!

Some of my UK readers will know just how hot it's been here in England today.


And the weather man told me it's only going to get better this week...


So naturally I've been thinking about my summer wardrobe. Earlier I started digging out my favourite items from last season.

And I'm very, very lucky to be able to say...

I have some Jazzy Harem Pants! I bought them from Quartiera Market in Portugal's Algarve but wasn't brave enough to wear them when I returned to England. This year, I'm going to be daring! Take a look at these beauties...

My favourite summer colours! Green, pink, orange, yellow, blue...

A close up of the detailing on the waist...

I'll be turning heads in these!

I also have a really pretty scarf and beach bag to match.

First, here's the scarf.

Look how pretty it is.

I wore it whilst on holiday last year in Sunny Portugal when the sun was reeaally hot, so I didn't burn. How to keep sun-safe in style!

And here's the beach bag. I don't wear the scarf & bag together, the attention should be draw to one of them, not both at the same time!

I have to confess... I have no idea where they're from. I bought them at a Boutique store somewhere about three years ago, and there isn't a label on either item...

One thing's for sure though, there won't be many other people out there with these items this season.

How exciting!

I hope you all of you have something unique and beautiful too! If not, make it your priority to find something special this summer.

Happy Holidays!

Much love,


x x x




  2. Oh you should definitely wear those pants, you can tone it down with black and it will be beyond amazing! Perfect for summer!

  3. Love the pants, especially the detailing on the waist :)

  4. super cute!! loving the scarf! xo-karrie