Saturday, 15 May 2010

Crop Top Trouble

This has to be my most difficult post yet!
Crop tops. I've bought a couple from Topshop recently and they've been sitting in my cupboard all week because I just can't think of an interesting way to wear them.

Because it's not strictly summer yet, I don't think I'll be warm enough or tanned enough to show off my tummy for a little while.

So I'm thinking... layering? Wear something, anything, underneath, on top...who knows!

I certainly don't, I'm stuck.

My first port of call: Ask Becca from Fashion Train! She knows everything about everything about fashion. But she hasn't answered me on Facebook :(

So I was looking at magazines and browsing the Internet, when I came across a fellow fashion blogger!

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Anggi Anggarini... she writes a blog called Mystery Cheap. She wrote a post on Crop Tops in May 2009, telling her readers about the 8 different ways she found she could wear them.

Click here to see the post!

So this post is a year old, but it's totally applicable to today's Crop Top fest.

After reading this, I was inspired to put my own outfits together and do my favourite thing... Experiment!

This is my favourite :) Thinking of wearing this ensemble tomorrow.

Clashing patterns. But is it a bit TOO clashy? Hmm, this one is dangerous. I'm very unsure, but I kept it up for interest. Maybe with a blue or grey under t-shirt for the crop? Tread very carefully. I'll ask Becca...

Now this one is also interesting. Jeans and a sequinned waistcoat.

After another fun evening of mixing and matching, I hope I've inspired you to carry out your own fashion experiments!


Much love,


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  1. Great post :) I love the clashy patterns xxxx

  2. I think the bow+stripes outfit would look really cute.

  3. The first idea looks like it'll be great!

  4. wow! how could i missed it? thanks for mentioning me! :)
    i love your crop top, and the first outfit idea is simple but cute! i also love the sequined vest. i always want to have one but never have the guts to bought them. tee hee.
    nice post! :)