Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Well I guess it would be nice...

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with fashion, but I'm sure my readers won't mind too much if every so often I write just about some things that make me happy. Maybe I should change my blog title to:

Emma Loves Fashion (and random things that make my day)

Or maybe not.

I don't know about you, but I like reading posts about happy things and happy people. The happiness reflects in my mood.

Anyway, just to prove my point that this post has NOTHING TO DO WITH FASHION WHATSOEVER, here is my outfit from today:

Classic jeans and black t-shirt: Nothing special.

Haha! The one with the weird hand gestures is an action-pose from when I was telling my brother: 'Make sure you get my entire body in, yeah? From head to toe.' It's turned out to be my favourite picture. (That's an apple in my hand btw. Nom nom nom)

So I was out and about in Town today with my umbrella, and
Oh my days, the weather was terrible. Drizzly, cold, and cloudy.
I was just crossing the High Street and passed a busker, whom we'll call Mr. Busker, playing his acoustic guitar. He was playing Go-Ya-Ha by Phil Collins, and he had a pretty nice voice.

At this point, I wasn't playing all that much attention. But generally speaking, I feel rude if I just pretend Buskers aren't there, particularly today when it couldn't have been much fun for him to sit and play in the cold and rain.

So I flashed him a smile, not a silly shy smile, a Real, Proper Smile, like this:


And just as I passed him close by, suddenly, like, real suddenly, he stops Go-Ya-Ha and begins another song which I didn't recognise, but I remembered the first line:

Well I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your body, I know not everybody, has gotta body like you!

And I can't tell you just how nice it was to have Mr. Busker sing this little song, just for me, on this cold and rainy day. He might have noticed that I was looking pretty miserable or he might have been complimenting me, I don't know.

I also don't know if anyone noticed his sudden change of tune, or if this little exchange of communication between us was our little secret :P

But, I'm telling you, it really, really made my day.

I Youtubed this line when I got back, and found it's from Faith, by George Michael.
So here's the song. It makes me think happy thoughts.

I'm sorry to say I didn't tip Mr. Busker because I didn't go back that way. But I assure you, if I see Mr. Busker again, I will.

If it's raining where you are, Dear Reader, or if you're just feeling blue for whatever reason, I hope this post puts a smile on your face like it has for me.


Much love,


x x x


  1. awww.. so sweet! I wish it happened to me, too! : ) i'm sure it made your day : )

    when i was in london, an year ago, i saw a busker, too. I felt like in e.g. Gilmore girls, while he was singing and i was sitting there with a guy i was in love with .. yikes, i want it back :D

    im following you, too!

    xo Kay

  2. Thank you Kay :) It was a bit like one of those magical moments, like on an advert :)

    It's cute it happened to you too :)

    Emma xxxx

  3. You did exactly the right thing - if you can't tip a busker, at least smile to show your support. Buskers appreciate that.
    I know this because I follow a blog of a busker - sawlady.com/blog
    Anyway - what goes around, comes around. You touched the busker's heart and in return he touched yours!

  4. hahah a simple outfit is always great:) and you look fab, i LOVE apples! seriously, my favoruite fruit


  5. Thanks for the comments! You are too cute!

    This story was really lovely. Smiles definitely do brighten people's day. I'm glad that both of you could make each other a little happier on a crappy rainy day.

  6. lovely post.
    today London had sun and 25 degrees celsius :)