Friday, 11 June 2010

Look what the Boyfriend bought me...

I'm such a lucky girl, I have a boyfriend that is just THAT good at buying presents...

He knows how much I rave about Benefit's Cosmetics, and he was sweet enough to spend I-don't-know-much on some of the products I tried at the
Make-up Application Demonstration
I blogged about a while back.

Do you remember the products I tried?

You rebel lite, for fair/medium skin:

That Gal Primer, which I wrote about in my last post! Now I have a full sized product instead of the tiddley little thing in Confessions:

(I still maintain the idea that it looks like a does, doesn't it?)

Ollie also bought me some lovely perfume; I made some passing comment about not having a summer fragrance this year. I wanted something light, floral and summery, and that's exactly what I got!

This scent is so lovely, it's called Gina. I couldn't have chosen a better perfume myself.

It reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, if you've ever tried it!

And the box it came in is a little bonus. Isn't it pretty?

Finally, this particular product was a lovely surprise. Aren't the best present the ones you'd never buy for yourself, but intrigue you once you own them?

That's how I feel about this product. It's called 'Talk to the tan'. It's facial tan that washes off with cleanser. It's not something that I usually buy because I'm wary of putting tanning solutions on my face; I'm worried that they'll clog my pores and make my skin oily.

However, I wore 'Talk to the Tan' for my Birthday meal. It's so natural looking and smells really good. It didn't clog my pores. The thing about Benefit cosmetics is that none of their products are oil-based, so they're kind to skin.

I'm so spoiled, aren't I?

Thank you for the lovely presents, Ollie.

Much love,


x x x

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