Monday, 21 June 2010

Konad Nail Art

I have some special equipment that makes such a good subject for a blog post!

Video taken from:

I've had this kit for nearly three years now. I went through a phase of not using it for a while but now I'm all into it again.

Basically it's an invention that makes it easy to do nail art at home. And by nail art I mean patterns and jewels etc.

You can see how to use it in the demonstration above. The kit has four components: a palette, a swiper, a stamper and special nail varnish.

It sounds a complicated method but it isn't really. You have to get the knack of it, but once you've got the knack it's quite easy.

First you begin by painting your nails in regular nail varnish as you would normally; two coats is recommended. Allow to dry.

Then apply a sweep of special nail varnish over the chosen pattern on your palette. Then swipe off the excess with the swiper tool. Do it in one clean sweep. (This is the trickiest part: It's essential to apply the right amount of pressure - if you scrape off too much or too little the next step won't work)

Next, roll the stamper over the pattern in one clean sweep.

The pattern should transfer from the palette onto the stamper! If it's not picked up, or it's smudged, or it's only partly picked up, then you've gone wrong somewhere. Admittedly, even now I have to repeat the previous steps several times before I get it right.

Then roll the stamper onto your nail. And as the French say...

voilĂ .

When you've finished all the nails, allow to dry for a couple of minutes then apply top coat to the nails as normal.

When using this kit, I can't emphasise how important it is that everything is clean and prompt. No fiddling or blotting or 'going over' - it has to be swift. Step 1, SWEEP, Step 2, SWIPE, Step 3 ROLL, Step 4, ROLL. Or it will dry and not work, and you'll have to do it over.

Once you've got the knack though, this kit is so cool. I get complimented all the time. It looks so professional and the kit is so affordable: only £15, including two special nail varnishes. It's also fun to do, I do mine often.

However, it is fiddley and requires A LOT of practice.

So here's the results of my recent kit usage:

You like?

Well worth the time and effort!

Much love,


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  1. Really pretty. Hope you do a gazillion more. :)

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  5. Pretty design, must of took a while!

  6. very cool.

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  7. The nails look so good - super pretty! x