Friday, 4 June 2010

Glam Sandals

Following one of my earlier posts about Royal Blue, I dug out some sandals I bought from Topshop at the end of summer. They were one of the last pairs of shoes in the whole sale!

Do you like them? I do.

And can you guess how much they were? A measly £5. Because nobody wanted them :(

Silly people didn't realise just how fashionable Royal Blue would become this summer. And even when Royal Blue is not so in fashion, these shoes are still lovely. They're plastic actually so they're great for water fights and padding around the beach/poolside.

Much love,


x x x


  1. I really like this point of blue, especially if it's combined with your amazing red nail polish! I've got the same! And i think that flat sandals are too pretty for summer!
    I really love your blog and your style, so i follow you ;D. I hope u'll follow me too. Kisses

  2. i like them :D

  3. They are fucking horrible, your fashion sense is awful.