Monday, 15 February 2010

Leopard Print!

The last few winters I've had an obsession with Leopard Print. From underwear to accessories, I've got it covered...

Here are a few of my favourites:

These shoes were from Killah @, and were a perfect touch to the outfit I wore out for a very special Valentine's Meal last night. <3

This one's on my wishlist:

You can find this one at Ax Paris. It's perfect dressed up or down...(For the daytime, wear it with leggings and flat black boots, and for the evening, it's best worn with opaque tights and heels) :D


The best one I've found....It's sooooo warm, and because the neckline is so high, you don't even need a scarf.



I saved the best till last! Now this is a real beauty. My mum recently bought this at a salon back home, but you can get it from Paul's Boutique online. She knows how jealous it makes me to see her use it...Grrr.....
I hope you like my little collection!

Much love,


x x x

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