Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lacoste's Collection at NYFW

Since my good friend Becca told me it's the last day of New York Fashion Week, I checked out the website, and found this:

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Lacoste's Collection for Autumn 2010

I really love this collection! Even though it's designed for Autumn, I'd wear these clothes now :P This is just my style, and these are my favourites:

I'm loving the whole: block colours/bright tights/layered clothing/legwarmers theme going on here, and I'm particularly liking the stripey top in the middle. Who said horizontal stripes make you look fat? If that were true, why in the world would designers use them? If you ask me, it totally depends on the person!

I'm surprised at how the colours work in the outfit on the left, fire engine red, coral, cerise and amaranth..? :S Somehow it works...if worn with attitude that is...

For more on bright tights, visit Becca Hermitt's blog. This is the link to her most recent post, all about how tights can brighten an outfit!

Much love,

Emma xoxox


  1. I like these lacoste jumpers they look soo toasty warm.

  2. yay, I can finally comment lol. Loving the dresses em x